The distinguishing trait of a family atmosphere immediately stands out,an environment where every thing is performed according to simple rhythms in which man is still involved in the transformation of the produce. In the mill some grains are slowly ground by a stone mill in order to prevent overheating and the loss of some nutritional elements of the grain itself.

The pastas: all fours or semolas are then forwarded to the kneader, at tis point they can be mixed with water and other ingredients,such as vegetables and/or dried vegetables powders.The mixture is bronze drawn up differently shaped moulds.The dough can enter the incartament or simply can get a hot air ventilation about two minutes long.This step is necessary in order to dry thoroughly the surface of the pasta to prevent sticking once stretched on frames.It is transferred into driers and the most important phase can thus take place,a low temperature and slow drying maintains the nutritional properties of the grains we employ.The pasta is packed,stocked at a controlled temperature to be delivered next to retail channels of organic food.