Our choice is essentially based on the study and the transformation of high quality raw materials.Our ingredients-meals,grains,cereals and dried vegetables powders-are the result of a selection of the producers and from the certifications.

Most come mainly from Italy with the exception of the trade mark kamut coming from Canada and North America. Each processing phase aims to maintain the nutritional and vital elements of the raw materials. Our philosophy follows specific steps in order to give the final product an intense and genuine taste: the way ingredients are mixed up to a slow and low temperature to the drying and controlled temperature storage.

The choice for L'ORIGINE is to produce exclusively Demeter biodynamic pasta brand and organic spelt and kamut pasta. No chemical additives,flavourings or any kind of preservatives are allowed in our laboratories. All severe quality and fully detailed controls are carried out and samples undergo testing throughout the steps of purchase,transformation and sale.

Also to realize our commitment to respect nature, L'ORIGINE uses the energy coming partly from the photovoltaic system..